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Regional Engineering College, Rourkela

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Color Line

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Rengcol Newsletter: Written by Amaresh Tripathy on 13 Oct 1997.

The college reopened in July after the summer break and it was exam time for everybody. No need to describe the atmosphere then as everybody who has passed out of REC knows that what is it like during the exam time. Those forced nightouts, last moment scrambling for the now all-important notes and previous years question papers. I am not sure whether we learn anything of engineering during our stay in the college, but one thing I'm dead sure is that we learn a tip or two about stress management. Don't you agree? Anyhow the exams were over and then suddenly there was happiness all around- To put it in the WET WET WET fashion: "you could feel it in your fingers and you could feel it in your toes..."

And then it was time for some celebration: India's 50th Anniversary of Independence. But one thing that was surprising was that though there was a lot of lighting in the college on the 14th evening, it was all removed on the morning of the 15th! What for? Then of course the saving grace of the day was our good old Kesto who put up a colourful display of lights on the occasion. The reason... 15th August also happens to be the Kesto Foundation Day. (It took me some time to explain Kesto that now he is going to be on the WWW and what exactly it is. Though I am not sure that whether Kesto understood what I said but he still sends a "Namaste" to all the former Rengcolians).

The report will not be complete if I do not write about the Cul-Sec elections. As usual REC failed to rise above the petty communal politics, but then I think that is the flavor of REC. Anyhow, Ayaskant of Metallurgy and Sushant of Civil are the cul-secs. The new batch also joined college (a bit late this time) and we witnessed a grand cultural extravaganza for the junior welcome. The college is presently closed for puja vacations.

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Credits: Amaresh Tripathy

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