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Color Line

Regional Engineering College, Rourkela

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Color Line

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Rengcol Newsletter: Written by Amaresh Tripathy on 24 Mar 1998.

REC, Rourkela witnessed something unprecedented in its history. It was a rally. Well in itself there is nothing great about a rally in college, but it was a rally with a difference. It was an ALL GIRLS rally! Yes it was.

The girls came out of the ivory tower of LH to protest against the new Draconian rules imposed by the authorities which included that the girls be back in hostel by 4:30 pm (God! Can you believe it!). Also they were not to be seen with boys anywhere inside or outside the campus(!!!), they were also not to bolt their doors from inside, not to call anybody apart from their parents. (BTW, a few days ago was the International Womens Day - so much for it). Anyways the rally was a huge success and all the demands of the girls were met by the Principal and the situation was restored to normal.

All of the you seniors must be familiar with backpost and checkpost. Recently there has been a new post -- the SIDEPOST. It is situated outside the college campus in front of HALL 3 (beyond the stadium). The tea out there is pretty good; so you get more value for money. That happens to be the USP of sidepost. Only disadvantage being that it is a bit inaccessible at nights and there is only one shop at present but you do get a wonderful view of the sunset during evenings.

That's all for now.

Amaresh Tripathy
20/60, Lodi Colony
New Delhi - 110 003
Room A-31:Hall 2
R E C Rourkela
Orissa - 769008.

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