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Regional Engineering College, Rourkela

Color Line

This website is very outdated. You will be forwarded to National Institute of Technologies (NIT), Rourkela official site.

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General Info:
The Regional Engineering College, Rourkela (RECR) is located in the industrial city of Rourkela, in the state of Orissa (India). The city of Rourkela came into prominence in the year 1954-55, with the decision of Govt. of India to set up the first public sector steel plant in this locality with the collaboration of West Germany. At present the city is a large metropolis with a population of around 4 lacs.

The REC, Rourkela was established on 15th of August 1961 on the auspice of 14th Independence day of India. RECR is a joint undertaking of Govt. of India and Govt. of Orissa, and an autonomous college of the Sambalpur University. Its excellent technical education in a culturally diverse environment attracts students and scholars from all over India and World. Currently, the college offers 8 undergraduate degree programs and several graduate level (MCA/ M.Tech./ M.Sc.) programs.

Mission Statement:
To meet the needs of the industry and commerce by providing human resources with the required knowledge and skills, and also promoting, disseminating and transferring technology. To act as a pace setting institution and be a role model for other technical institutions. To support the development of the country and the promotion of national integration.

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